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Yukinoshi Kawai

Theme: Under Pressure by Queen/David Bowie

The Dante to Mina’s Randall, Yuki’s the voice of reason among the cast. Being a goofy protagonist and the local Anime/Manga supplier is hard work, but she does alright. Her quirky personality along with her randomness make things interesting. She is and open minded person who’ll try anything new. She enjoys video games, cooking, and Television. She dislikes coffee, lack of sleep, and anyplace but New York.

Minaka C. Vashious

Theme: It's Tricky by Run DMC

Between the insane ranting of a crazed Grandpa and pie, Mina grew up to become the local supplier of Massive Head Wounds. Her major sense of self and strong personality has brought a lot to Bishi-Hunters. Despite the violent tendencies, she’s a pretty mellow person. She has her head in the clouds and her feet on earth. She likes Film Noir, drawing, and throwing things. She dislikes stalkers, closed minded people, and New Jersey.

Bishi Hunters  Monday , August 21 , 2006 Random Insanity at its Best
Roger Ohkiakaitsuki

Theme: Africa by Toto

Roger’s strict upbringing and meekness has made him an ideal straight man, despite the fact that he's gay. He’s friendly with all of the cast, not letting his bishie status get in the way of life. He goes with the flow, occasionally questioning those leading him on. Even if they end up turning him evil in some way. He likes reading, curry, and relaxing. He dislikes history, family reunions, and beatings.


Lenin Gould

Theme: Beautiful Day by U2

Swiped from his peaceful woodland home, Lenin has become the free spirited, tree hugging hippie loved by all. He believes in peace, harmony, and ganga. He tends to constantly be scared and confused by his fellow cast, resulting in his behavior. He’s easily amused and a pleasant guy to be around. He likes nature, protesting, and pot. He dislikes the man, communists, and empty dime bags.

John is Lenin's drug swiping fox.

Haru Guiseppe

Theme: Welcome to My Life by Simple Plan

The child of Japanese/Italian parentage, Haru was orphaned at a young age due to mafia related incidents. His rough life has taught him that he must earn what he wants, causing him to be distant and cynical towards people. He’s a hardworking sweet artsy guy looking to make it in the world. He enjoys hanging around the cast, shenanigans and all. He likes painting, writing, and Days Off. He dislikes the Sopranos, pizza, and people who never worked for what they have.

Faye Faye

Theme: All the Small Things by Blink 182

Smart, sassy, and Jewish. These things describe Faye Faye the best. She may have the diabetes, but she’s still an active cast member. She enjoys hanging out with the crazy cast, and pointing out minor problems in their plans. She walks to the beat of her own drum, doing her own thing. She likes sushi, animals, and Frisbee. She dislikes serial killers, homework, and Wilfred Brimley.


Zephyr T. Cheez

Theme: When You're Strange by The Doors

Zephyr is an enigma in herself. No one knows where she can from, but she’s here to stay. She has an inquisitive spirit, always questioning whatever she can. She has a playful nature, but just don’t let the “cute” factor get to you. Just because she’s small and adorable doesn’t mean she’s not capable of kicking butt. She likes plaid, snow, and cheese. She dislikes quantum theory, lunchrooms, and being called cute.


Mimi Meems

Theme: Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

Some people believe they have been born in the wrong time period. If Mimi was born a decade or so earlier, she would have fit right in with her 80’s style. She likes to rock out all the time like it’s 1989! Her rebellious attitude makes her right at home with the cast. She likes New Wave, Bands of the British Isles, and Rock. She dislikes posers, and most things made before 1980 and after 1989. Cept for the 90’s.


Kengure Kawai

Theme: New York City by They Might Be Giants

If you consider yourself a pop culture junkie, than you should bow down to Kengure as your sensei. If it’s popular and it our culture, he knows it. He once battled Michael Ian Black in a intense thumb wrestling match for a spot on VH1’s I Love series, but Black cheated. Now he’s the cast’s source of useless knowledge, and video game tips. He enjoys fine cuisine, James Bond, and Dueling. He dislikes are VH1, the Lincoln Tunnel, and people who say Nya!



Theme: Invasion of the Gabber Robots by the Laziest Men on Mars

Fighting, Strategy, RPG, Action, or Survival Horror, B-Kun know his video games. He spends many an hour beating the games faster that you can say juxtaposition Between releases, he is usually plotting and inventing things that could be used to take over the world. But then the games come out, he usually abandons his evil plans. He likes PS2, GameCube, and role playing. He dislikes the CIA, Jack Thompson, and haters.


Marc Picard

Theme: She Blinded Me with Science by Thomas Dolby

If Freezepop could sing about real Science Geniuses, the would’ve name that Science Genius Marc. He’s more familiar with the inner workings of a computer than those of a Human Being. Which is ok 'cause dammit he’s not a doctor Jim. He likes chilling and talking science and boys with the cast. He likes computers, robots, and Star Trek. He dislikes cavemen, aliens, and the T-virus.


Amikana Morichi

Theme: Iron Chef Opening

A chef in training, Amikana can give any cook a run for their money. From Easy Mac to Filet Mignon, she can make anything super tasty. Even her personality is sweet, as one of the niciest cast members. She helps many with their problems. She enjoys cooking, baking, and the Interweb. She dislikes mean people, robots who think they can cook, and cobwebs.


Risuko Risu

Theme: Beverly Hills by Weezer

Born from a drunken wish of a Vegas buffet patron, Risuko has found her adorable way into the cast. She has a few ditsy tendencies, but that’s why she is loved. Her fun loving ways and bubbly personality can cheer the most depressed and brooding person around. She enjoys chocobos, shopping, and hip hop. She dislikes slot machines, veggies, and big words.



Theme: Girls on Film by Duran Duran

Rabi~en~Jamie is no novice when it comes to cosplaying. If you can think of it, she can turn it into an amazing cosplay. As the oldest cast member, she looks out for them, like a mom would. Even if they can be a hand-full for any sane human being. She likes sewing, pizza, and cosplay. She dislikes the expressway, lines, and ninjas.


Hugh California

Theme: Memory by Sugarcult

**Coming Soon**


"Katamari" Joe

Theme: Katamari on the Rocks

**Coming Soon**


Risa D. Pinto

Theme: Hey Mickey by Toni Basil

**Coming Soon**

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